Simple Devices for Seniors to Alert Caregivers

Studies show that up to 28% of seniors 70 to 79 years old die as a result of the complications of falling. Anybody at any age grade can fall or lose their balance but falling tends to have a very bad impact on seniors. Note that many of them are already suffering from osteoporosis, indicating that their bones are already weak. Losing their balance can make them fall and lead to fracture of the already weakened bones. If the seniors can access quality medical intervention quickly enough, the chance of the falling leading to death will reduce drastically. It is, however, unfortunate that only few of them can access such a timely medical intervention.  To ensure you do not suffer such a fate as a senior citizen, you should find a way to connect with quality medical service that can respond timely to your call and this is where SofiHub comes in.

Check below for some of the many features that make this outlet your best helpmate for complete protection in old age.

Seniors to Alert Caregivers

Quality devices for seniors’ wellbeing

This outlet is set up to provide top quality products that can push the health of seniors to the next level.  While it is accepted that falling may not be avoidable as you advance in age due to loss of balance, one area where the situation can be better managed is access to quick medical intervention. This outlet offers devices that can make that very easy. With the help of SofiHub, you can easily get in touch with healthcare providers that can manage any injury you sustain as a result of falling. Some of the products offered at this outlet to help connect seniors to quality healthcare services when needed are:

  • TEQ-Home activity monitoring
  • Lone worker safety pendant
  • TEQ-Secure safety pendant
  • Eazense falls detection

You will always get value for money when you patronize this outlet for senior safety products.

Who can benefit?

The devices offered at this outlet are not only focused on connecting seniors to quality healthcare services; disabled individuals can also benefit from the products.  All categories of aged can use any of the products offered here. Are you a senior preferring independent living or one living in a care home? The devices can be very useful for you since they will make it easy to alert care givers any time you fall. You do not have to wait until you fall before using this device; you can use it any time you need urgent attention of care givers. Even the seniors admitted to hospitals will find the device to be useful.  Not to worry; using any of the device offered here will not jeopardize your privacy. They are also not expensive at all and are easily accessible.