Need of Penetration Testing for Maintaining Security in Network

Nowadays, the breach of the network has become very common and that has led to so many concerns for many organizations as they are losing their data in minutes and this all happens because they fail to take care of their network properly. Anything that you have from car to house to even your network, everything needs maintenance and so does the network too just in the form of a test where certain tests are conducted regularly to keep in check of any malware in your network and stop those hackers to break into your system and this testing is known as security penetration testing.


  • The main agenda of this testing is to work like the hacker, In simple words, the testing people would conduct a duplicate cyber attack and in this way, they would be able to analyze the issue in a better way.
  • Also, this would help to understand the weak points in your network system and therefore will be able to repair the issue in due time.

Applications on which this testing is possible-

  1. Network
  2. Web Application
  3. Mobile Application
  4. Thick Client Application
  5. Wireless Network

More information on its working on these above-mentioned applications-

  • Mobile Application: Working out penetration testing on your mobile phone is one of the best ways to test for any attacks. And this can be done on both androids as well as ios as these are the most common targets for hackers, therefore, ensuring the phone’s encryption, data storage of apps, and side server functions are monitored regularly.
  • Network: Since this is a vast area, therefore via the usage of security penetration testing one can conduct an ethical hacking process to target those specific areas where the vulnerabilities are detected, and hence in this way, you would about all those areas where a hacker could try to break.
  • Thick Client Application: This lets you form a part of the client-side network that would provide an essential component for operating as well as executing the software application let alone of the server. With this testing approach, one can detect the kind of malicious attacks that could happen.
  • Web Application and Wireless Networks: By various automated and manual methods, security penetration testing is done to identify vulnerable points via which any hacker would try to breach the server network. Then wireless networks are also very vulnerable to catch the attention of the hackers thereby, a pen test is required for this as well.

These were the main issues for which security penetration testing is required and, therefore, every organization should do these checks regularly.