Get The Best Connection, Better Than The Connection Of Chains

They have more than 50 years of engineering experience between them and are here to help RV, caravan, and camper owners. No matter how far you go on your adventures in Australia, they try to make sure you always have the connection you need.

From TV antennas for caravans to antennas for high-speed internet, all caravan TV antennas, including Winegard TV antennas, can be replaced by their products. Winsig makes sure that you can start your trip knowing that one of the most important things on your list will work.

Winsig goes to a lot of caravan shows around Australia, and since they are also big fans of caravans, they know the problems and limitations that many of you have with your current antenna installations. Whether this is because your car is old or because you bought a new one that isn’t right for where you are going.

They use common sense to learn about you, your travel preferences, and where you want to go. The most important thing to remember about Winsig is that you don’t have to become an expert on polarity, vertical or horizontal waves, and which parts of Australia are best for which spec overnight. They’ll take care of all that for you. If you give them the right information, they will make sure you get the right product.


Caravan Reception on Australia’s 5G Mobile Phone Network

The 5G network is becoming more popular in Australia. What does this mean for travelers in Australia?

5G will be a lot faster than the 4G LTE network we use now, but how fast it is will depend on how often the signals that carry 5G information are sent. Some people think that with the right antenna for 5G, a typical movie download that takes about 6 minutes on the current 4G network could be done in less than 20 seconds. But these numbers from Qualcomm should be taken with some caution, since the speed of the network will depend a lot on how often the signals are sent.

People talk a lot about mm wave technology, which uses transmission frequencies from 24 to 90 GHz, which is a lot higher than what we use now. These allow for very fast network speeds (up to 10Gb per second), but they have a major drawback. They don’t work well over long distances, and people, trees, and even bad weather can easily block their signals. Most likely, these network cells will only be used by businesses in Australia, maybe even inside buildings. They are not likely to be used in Australia before 2021.

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